Acuvue® Contact Lenses

These Acuvue® videos will help you by providing important eye care information in an easy to understand and entertaining way. We hope you find this tool valuable. Just click on the video you want to view.

Here is a list of the videos available.


1. How to put-on and take-off contact lenses.

2. Wearing your contacts longer than you should. Not a good idea.

3. Handling your contact lenses is easy.

4. What is contact lens comfort made from?

5. Contact lenses for astigmatism?

6. UV protection and contact lenses.

7. See what's inside 1-day Acuvue® Moist® Brand Contact Lenses.

8. Hydraclear® Comfort Technology.

9. Presbyopia: A breakthrough in contact lens design.

10. A fresh lens is a better lens.